About Me

I am 74 years young and my wife Barbara got me involved with sewing. I use to watch her do quilting by hand and got interested in sewing. She has been a quilter for more years than I care to reveal. We live in the Midwest and are quite happily married. I do more than sew I also put tops together. I like to read quilting articles and publish some I find interesting and useful. Barbara has a lot of old magazines which I have gotten quite the education from. I believe by passing some of these oldies on to you, I might be of help and interest to you. My wife’s mom was a 4h leader for several tears thus Barbara got a hands on quilting education. She has now graduated from hand quilting to long arm quilting and has started a small quilting business. Yhus the name Barbs Busy Bs Quilting. I help her. LOL