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World of Quilting

world of quilting

Have you now gotten into quilting and taken some classes? Are you enjoying your new found hobby/ Have you asked, “What’s next for me?” Guess what, there’s a whole undiscovered world of quilting out there, and we hope you start checking it out. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Maybe you’d like to start by joining a quilting guild. These are groups of quilters which meet to exchange ideas, get sewing questions answered, make friends, and much more. Visit a group and see if you are interested. Usually any fees are very reasonable, just to cover whatever casts are involved.

Search the internet for the phrase “quilt guilds” and you’ll find over 18000 results. Narrow it down by visiting

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Just Say Thank You

just say thank you

I think we have all done this at one time or other. You have a quilt at a show and someone comes up and says “Oh, how beautiful.” “How did you make it?” “You’re so good and such talent.” I still hear those type of compliments ringing in my ears. You make a big mistake and say “Yes, but I really messed up the ——–.” Why didn’t we just say thank you?

Why do we feel compelled to respond to a compliment with a negative comment? Are we desperately trying to point out the mistakes before someone else does/ Are we afraid of being to proud of our work? Do we think people will dislike us or think we’re egotistical if we think our own work is good? What’s up with us behaving in such a manner? In my home we use the “Just Say Thank You” rule.

Suppose someone says to you, “My what an ...

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