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Patchwork Quilts

Patchwork  quilts are the preferred choice of many because they create a vintage look for your bed. Patchwork quilts are now sold through online stores. Find the best collection of quilt online by analyzing their quality, size and design. Patchwork quilts set made of 100 percent cotton is the most popular of all. They add maximum comfort to users. Cotton quilts are filled with 100 percent cotton batting, so they are able to offer maximum warmth during the harsh winter

Looking for the best patchwork design in quilts? Well, you can find a wide array of designs in patchwork quilts to gratify your tastes. If you are keen to decorate your home in style, go for some of the unique designs that are creating sensations everywhere...

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Little Fleece Quilt for Babies

little fleece quilts for babies

With this technique, fleece squares are arranged on flannel backing , and edges are sewn together with a zigzagged stitch onto the backing. there is no need for batting  and no additional winding is required. The backing is brought over the edge and sewn to the front. Any quilt can be different depending on colors or positioning. Some designs use an odd number of blocks and odd number of rows, for example 7″ by 7″ blocks. Even numbers work well. The size of this quilt is about 39″ x 39″  square. These are little fleece quilts for babies.

Materials needed include: scraps of fleece, enough to cut the number of squares needed  of each color chosen...

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Sports Quilt

sports quilt

Grand son graduated high school as an avid Lacrosse player. As such I decided to make him a sports quilt using action pictures and t-shirts of teams for which he played during his high school career. These were obtained from his parents without his knowledge.

The idea for quilt was fairly complicated and required me to sketch it out. I knew what I wanted to show and how I wanted it arranged. Having done a rough sketch, I proceeded to draw it to scale to see how it actually would work and what was needed to fill in extra spaces and to cut and make blocks and fill ins.

Center was his graduation pic and a five pointed star with his action pics was the theme. T-shitrs made up the outside rows along with extra blocks. Materials included Lacrosse for borders, field marker, and sky...

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Nebraska Parks

Nebraska parks

I signed up for a block of the month class entitled Nebraska  parks . Each month I received a new block kit pertaining to a certain park. The kit contained a pattern, materials for the pattern, and information about park.

This was another educational project. Making flying geese and making sure all point s are aligned. All of the blocks themselves were very interesting and different. After completing all of the blocks provided in the class; it was time to lay it out and pick out fabrics for sashing, borders, and corner stones(all terms I now learned). This was quite a challenge. I had different ideas as a man versus a woman. My vision was AHA!!parks. What attracts people to parks, how do we get there, and how to get my ideas to work in this creation.

With the visions of...

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Care Bear Quilt

care bear quilt

After putting quilt tops together for a couple of years; my granddaughter (who knew I was working with Barbara learning quilting) asked if we could do a baby quilt for my great granddaughter. Sure we’d be happy to do this. What theme would you like? I like care bears. Never thought I would be  making a care bear quilt. Diy er’s need an idea for baby quilt? Find your theme and look on ebay for cloth story book and go to work!!

We were told that Aubrey was really into Care Bears. Could we do something along that line?

Okay I started to picture care Bears and what could I find to do this. After searching on the internet for materials to be used, I came up with a cloth story book kit with ABC’s and numbered pages...

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Graduation Quilt

 graduation quilt

A year or so after doing a few baby quilts and church tops; my grand daughter in North Carolina was graduating from high school. She was and is a very athletic girl but truly loved softball. She lived softball. So I  decided to make her a graduation quilt.

I decided to make her a quilt using tee shirts from teams for which she played and pictures of her playing softball. I asked her dad if he could send me pictures of her playing ball and what were her favorite colors. I received a disc full of pictures and was told her colors were green and purple. her mom sent me a box of game shirts. This was all unknown to her.

I had a pretty fair idea how I wanted to do this quilt. Knew what I wanted for a layout, how many of what sizes of blocks to use...

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