Your Cover Friend Through All Seasons

Your Cover Friend

Most of my days begin with me reluctantly hauling myself off the bed and trying to make the thought of being fully awaken less daunting by distracting myself with thoughts of the breakfast treats awaiting me downstairs. The rest of the day may be buzzing with activity, but most of the time, the only thoughts that run through my mind are of me getting to throw my tired self deep into the cozy confines of my mattress and bed covers. I am probably one of the few people who fall asleep almost as soon as they hit the bed. How do I do this? My secret’s pretty simple. I make sure that my quilts are as snuggely as my mattress is cozy. Remember that your quilt is always your cover friend in all seasons.

The main reason why I love quilts so much is because unlike blankets, they are lightweight and can be relied on all through the year. Consider this, summer is not really the most ideal season for one to be wrapping themselves under blankets in a burrito-like fashion, in an attempt to sleep soundly. But for people like me who find it impossible to sleep without some sort of cover, quilts offer the perfect solution. They are not very thick and are usually made of cloth materials stuffed into one giant length of cloth that is then neatly sewn at the sides. The best summer nights are ones when the windows are left wide open, fan in full swing (the AC jumping in to the rescue on exceptionally hot days), and me, bundled up under a comfortable quilt. True bliss!

While traditional quilts come wrapped with soft fabrics like cotton, there are also some unconventional quilts that are made up of soft feathers. These covers are extraordinarily soft and do not offer much heat, but are perfect for the summer and rainy seasons. Besides being the ideal warm-weather covers, quilts also make for great bed covers. Lightweight quilts are often spread over regular bed sheets so the bed sheets do not get dirty. If you want to maintain your white bed sheets’ pristine state, you know what to do now.

Other than their functionality, there is one other major reason why quilts enjoy the kind of popularity that they do – they are decorative. Quilts come in all sizes and with all sorts of prints on them. You can keep it light and flirty with quilts that have floral, batik, or polka prints, or go for a more intense look by throwing on quilts with checkered, geometric, graphic, and ethnic prints on them. No matter what your bedroom decor is like, quilts are a convenient and cheap way to go about guaranteeing yourself a sound sleep

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