Cross Stitch Wedding Gifts

Cross Stitch Wedding Gifts

Finding a meaningful wedding gift for friends or relatives can be a difficult task. However, if you have an interest in cross-stitching, consider creating a special keepsake for the bride and groom using basic, intermediate, or advanced cross stitch skills. Cross stitch wedding gifts are a wonderful way to give something handmade and beautiful that the couple will cherish for years to come.

If you choose a cross stitch wedding gift, the following are some ideas to consider:

For a Christian couple, a sampler pattern using the couple’s name, the date of the wedding and a Christian cross is an appropriate way to celebrate their ceremony and their faith. For many Christian, their covenant with God is as important as their covenant with each other and your gift can celebrate that commitment.

Incorporating flowers along with a scripture or a poem is another great cross stitch idea. If you know the type of flowers that are going to be used in the wedding you can incorporate them into the pattern to make it more special. Instead of using a longer written statement, you can simplify it by using “Just Married”, “Love of a Lifetime” or other short phrase.

Items that represent love, purity or unity are great symbols to use when making something for a wedding. Rings and doves are two different ideas.

If you are an advanced stitcher with a love for the alphabet, you can create a replica of the couple’s wedding invitation. Present it as a framed gift with their actual wedding invitation or give it as a cross stitch wedding piece that they can display in a place of prominence.

There are many other ideas for your wedding gift. Traditional wedding themes like hearts or a unity candle with the family names are two examples. Non-traditional motifs include lyrics to the bride and groom’s favorite song.

The more you know about the bride and groom the easier it is to come up with a design and theme that fits them perfectly. The happy couple will be pleased with their unique and personalized cross stitch wedding gift. And you will be satisfied to know you lovingly created a present for them that will last a lifetime.

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