Find Free Counted Cross Stitch Patterns And Graphs Galore

If you are just getting started with a new needlework craft, before running out to your local store and spending a lot of money you should search the Internet to find the many free counted cross stitch patterns and graphs online. This can help you avoid being too overwhelmed.

The biggest advantage to searching online before going to your local craft store is the variety that you’ll find available. This will save you time of wandering around the store, and it will save you money by not filling up your cart with projects you’re ultimately not interested in completing.

If you are looking for something more than the typical or basic patterns that you can find easily in stores, online charts and patterns will likely become your preferred way to shop. The bonus is you can shop for free, and there are no long lines or traffic to slow you down!

Your imagination is the only deterrent to what you can find online. There are web sites with directories of patterns or you can use keywords via the popular search engines to find your ideal pattern.

There are a number of websites that have lists and lists of free counted cross stitch patterns and graphs. You can find free tools online. There are even websites that sell their own cross stitch charts. One of the best things about being online is that you can find forums and networking sites for those who love cross stitching as much as you do, and you know how much you love to collect and share the freebies you find!

Instead of spending your money on patterns, with all the free patterns available you can spend that money on supplies. There are thousands of patterns available to choose from.

So whether you are a seasoned cross stitching pro or a rookie just learning the ropes (or rather the stitches!), you can find all the free counted cross stitch patterns and graphs you need online.

Julia Wigham is an experienced writer and co-owner of Patterns Patch cross stitch forums. An online cross stitch club whose members get free: patterns, articles and tutorials. Come to our lively => cross stitch blogs right now.

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