Hand Made Quilts Superior to Machine Made

Hand Made Quilts

Hand made quilts are superior to machine quilts. Quilts made by machines are simple to create, but quilts made by hand are truly works of art. In the past, quilts were meant to help females earn money and to warm up the members of the family.

Quilts today are more pieces of art or a craft hobby. But earlier in history women didn’t have sewing machines to work with, so unique handmade quilts were the only way. A handmade quilt is made from patches or squares of different colored fabric all attached to the backing. Many of these hand-crafted marvels were passed down as family heirlooms.

Most often, the fabrics used to make the quilts had been taken from another article of clothing. These sections of clothes were sewn into the quilts to create a variety of designs. Quilters were able to be very creative in this process, and as such were able to create very interesting quilts.

A handmade quilt is usually more sturdy than one made with a sewing machine, and they’re warmer too. Also, a handmade product is worth more than a machine-made one.

Handmade quilts are more about decoration and hobby than necessity these days. But a well-crafted handmade quilt is an accomplishment for the quilt maker. A handmade quilt not only will spruce up your home decor, but they make wonderful gifts as well.

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