Start Quilting Secrets

Quilting is carried out by hand, stitching machine, or even longarm quilting technique, and makes reference to the procedure of attaching assorted fabric materials and layers to make a large flat quilt. Each method gets use from a needle and thread to combine at least two layers of material to make the final product. This document is actually being written to be able to let you understand  start quilting secrets.

Quilting is done back and forth like that all across the quilt to secure all of the pieces. Usually, quilters use a running stitch which adds a decorative look to the particular quilt. Quilts tend to be most frequently displayed on beds, as wall decoration, as clothing and attire, and inside a couple of various textile goods.

Standard quilting normally follows 4 steps — piecing, ...

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Colors Calming Therapy?

Colors Calming Therapy

Colors calming therapy? What is therapy? I think it is relaxing with physical activity which is calming to the body and soul. One method for stress and mental conditions is the use of color therapy, used with the colored yarns and threads for activities such as cross-stitching and embroidery, and combined with the direction of art therapy in its creativity.

This helps our mind relax, moving it to another sense of direction, and healing with color and creativity.

Color therapy has been around a long time; it is not a new kid on the block, only in the United States. It was not an alternative medicine, but used with light for health treatments clear back in recorded time.

It is speculated that color therapy in all areas originated in the roots of Ayurveda, an ancient In...

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Designing Applique Quilts

This is an article about what you need to know before designing applique quilts.

There are a variety of methods which can be implied to make applique quilts and there is nothing better than incorporating them with your own designs. But before executing the process of personalized designs, you should at first know what an applique quilt is. Appliques are generally small designs which you use effectively on larger surfaces. These beautiful pieces of applique quilts can be used on items like bed cover, chair throw and household linen to name a few.

When you want to make personalized designs with appliques, you need to keep a number of factors in mind. In order to make proper and good looking applique quilts designs; you require fabrics which are small in shape...

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My Worst Cross Stitch Nightmare: My Cautionary Tale!

This is my worst cross stitch nightmare: my cautionary taleI can read. I can count. I can thread a needle… so why did everything suddenly go wrong with a counted cross stitch project I started last year?

I began enthusiastically enough. I had planned to stitch a picture of a greyhound, as a birthday gift for a friend. Even before I unpacked the kit, I was already imagining her cry of surprise and delight as she opened the gift wrapping to see the picture I had stitched for her.

It shouldn’t take long, I told myself optimistically. The greyhound in the design had a sort of brindled appearance — lots of different colours all merging to make an attractively patterned coat. As long as I made a good start, this should be easy, I convinced myself.

I began in the middle of the picture, as instruc...

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Sun, Sea, Sand, and … Stitching!

 Sun, Sea, Sand, and … Stitching!

Sun, sea, sand, and …stitching. Going away on holiday can be a great opportunity to indulge yourself in your favourite pastime… cross stitching, of course! There’s the prospect of lots of time to spend on what you want to do, without those guilty feelings that arise when you’re stitching at home — when you know that the garden needs weeding, or that the kitchen cupboards could do with a clean. No! On holiday your time is mostly your own.  sun, sea, sand, and …stitching

So which cross stitch projects should you consider taking? And how much stitching should you take?

Let’s think about what’s essential to take, first of all...

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Hand Made Quilts Superior to Machine Made

Hand Made Quilts

Hand made quilts are superior to machine quilts. Quilts made by machines are simple to create, but quilts made by hand are truly works of art. In the past, quilts were meant to help females earn money and to warm up the members of the family.

Quilts today are more pieces of art or a craft hobby. But earlier in history women didn’t have sewing machines to work with, so unique handmade quilts were the only way. A handmade quilt is made from patches or squares of different colored fabric all attached to the backing. Many of these hand-crafted marvels were passed down as family heirlooms.

Most often, the fabrics used to make the quilts had been taken from another article of clothing. These sections of clothes were sewn into the quilts to create a variety of designs...

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Needle’s Eye – American History ~ Part III

Here is needle’s eye American history part 3.   In typical Old World needlework, each detail is a particle of the whole; no part of the design can stand alone, whole and complete in itself. The background is solid, the pattern is formal, and a border encloses all.

American women smashed that rigid order to bits. They discarded backgrounds, they discarded borders and frames. They made the details create the whole, and they set each detail in boundless space, alone, independent, complete.

Just as individual freedom suddenly released the terrific human energy that swept the Old World’s Great Powers from this hemisphere and wholly transformed North America in a third of the time that those Old World Powers had held it, so this reversal of meaning gives American needlework an almost explosive...

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Enduring Craft: Quilting

Enduring Craft

An old enduring craft is quilting. It is the process of stitching together two layers of fabric that is filled with a soft textile, usually cotton. In a sense, quilting is kind of like making a “textile sandwich”. Quilts are traditionally used as bed coverings because of their warmth and comfort, but they are also used in clothing, upholstery and home decorations.

The Ancient History of Quilting

This is an ageless craft that originated in ancient times. The Chinese, Russians and Native Americans of Mesoamerica often wore three-layered garments for warmth and protection...

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American History – Needle’s Eye ~ Part V

American History – Needle’s Eye

Here is American history needle’s eye part V.   For more than a year British ships had blockaded Boston and British troops had occupied the hungry city. Americans had fought and died at Lexington, at Concord, on Breed’s Hill and at Charleston. The Green Mountain men had taken Ticonderoga.

British armies were coming down the Hudson and a British war fleet with troopships was nearing New York harbor when at last, losing all hope of freedom with peace, the gentlemen of the Continental Congress soberly risked their lives, dipping a quill pen in an inkhorn and signing their Declaration.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain un-alienable Rights, that among these are Life, Lib...

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Needle’s Eye – American History ~ Part IV

Needle’s Eye – American History

Here is needle’s eye American history part 4.  Only one form of American needlework is wholly American, without root or kin in the old world, is our pieced patchwork. Oh, patches are nothing new.

Ancient Egyptians sewed fabric to fabric, and in medieval Europe women applied cloth to cloth. Patches are as old as poverty. In rags and patches the first workers came to America. Patches belonged to workers, to the poor, low-class subjects of the ruling classes. Patchwork was always a task, not an art.

Poverty came across the ocean with the immigrants. Here on the farthest rim of the known world, it became direst need...

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Your Cover Friend Through All Seasons

Your Cover Friend

Most of my days begin with me reluctantly hauling myself off the bed and trying to make the thought of being fully awaken less daunting by distracting myself with thoughts of the breakfast treats awaiting me downstairs. The rest of the day may be buzzing with activity, but most of the time, the only thoughts that run through my mind are of me getting to throw my tired self deep into the cozy confines of my mattress and bed covers. I am probably one of the few people who fall asleep almost as soon as they hit the bed. How do I do this? My secret’s pretty simple. I make sure that my quilts are as snuggely as my mattress is cozy. Remember that your quilt is always your cover friend in all seasons.

The main reason why I love quilts so much is because unlike blankets, they are...

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Needle’s Eye View – American History ~ Part II

Following is the 2nd part of needle’s eye view.   Three hundred years ago the then colonies in America were inhabited largely by a European hierarchy who’d brought their lower classes with them to do the hard work. There was much mingling and intermarrying with each other and with the Indians – the farmers, the peddlers, the sailors, the little merchants, the
wilderness fighters — the first Americans…

The Dutch built the town on Manhattan Island, and the patroons’ large estates on Long Island and up the Hudson River valley. German peasants slowly defeated the Pennsylvania wilderness. Scotch-Irish struggled into the Carolina mountains. Swedes settled Delaware.

New France ran from Maine to Detroit to St...

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Needle Eye View – American History

 Needle Eye View

Needle eye view – American history is a five-part series of articles of needlework. Needlework is the art that tells the truth about the real life of people in their time and place. The great arts, music, sculpture, painting, literature, are the work of a few unique persons whom lesser men emulate, often for generations. Needlework is anonymous; the people create it. Each piece is the work of a woman who is thinking only of making for her child, her friend, her home or herself a bit of beauty that pleases her.

So her needlework expresses what she is, more clearly than her handwriting does. It expresses everything that makes her an individual unlike any other person – her character, her mind and her spirit, her experience in living...

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Beautiful Handmade Quilts

Beautiful Handmade Quilts

If you know how to make beautiful handmade quilts, then you will not find any need to buy quilts from shops. Homemade quilts are wonderful and you will just love to make it by your own. In order to gauge the degree of easiness for making a handcrafted quilt, it is wise to make a lovely baby quilt initially. It will help to provide comfort for making a complete and attractive handmade quilt without any blemishes.

It is easy to make a simple homemade quilt and will become very comfortable if you make one or two baby quilts. You must select some old bed sheets that are no longer in use or lost its brightness. Use this bed sheet or bath towels or Turkish for making your baby quilt...

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Framing Your Cross Stitch Project With 6 Steps

For many stitchers, the most exciting step of creating a cross stitch project is the final one – that of framing. Now! At last, you can finally think about showing off the results of your time and creative effort. For the very best results, framing your project involves several steps and decisions. Here’s my set of 6 top tips for framing your cross stitch project.

1. Choose a frame.

Stitchers habitually like to take their completed project with them when selecting a frame. Having your project with you can make it easier for you to choose the style and the size. When choosing, take your time to select a style that compliments your design and a size that isn’t overwhelming.

Then, after deciding on the best style and size, consider the material of the frame...

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Hoop or Frame Quilting?

Hoop or Frame Quilting

I looked up some old friends who make quilts for a living and tried to pick their brain on this. What I understood was not very much in depth, rather very basic. I am ready to tell in the most layman language what I understood to be the difference between frame and hoop quilting. I’ll let you decide hoop or frame quilting?

The frame is usually used because there is no basting in the first place. Another plus point is that you will not need to move the quilt when using the frame. There are rollers and all you have to do is pull it through, which is not too much headache...

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Cross-Stitch Sampler

 Cross-Stitch Sampler

A cross-stitch sampler is an example of this beguiling craft that has been around for almost as long as cross-stitch itself. It is a decorative piece of work designed to showcase an eye catching variety of motifs, alphabets, and stitches, thereby displaying the stitcher’s skill and creativity. Samplers are “busy” patterns with their variety of colors and elements that, when well designed, blend seamlessly into a common theme.

However, many cross-stitch lovers may like some aspects of some samplers, but they really cannot find one that fits with what they want to do. If you are one of those people, then you might wish to consider making your own cross-stitch sampler. While the task may sound daunting, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it sounds.

Use Pre-Made Samplers

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Celebrate Weddings and Anniversaries with Cross Stitch Gifts

Cross Stitch Gifts

Celebrate weddings and anniversaries with cross stitch gifts.A wedding or anniversary is a time to celebrate and be joyful, but it can also be time to get creative and personal with your cross-stitch craft. A wedding is something the bride and groom will want to remember for the rest of their lives, so why not give something that comes from your heart so they can always have that special reminder. You can give them the gift on the wedding day or even years later on a special anniversary. Celebrate weddings and anniversaries with cross stitch gifts.

Make It Personal
When deciding to celebrate weddings and anniversaries in cross-stitch you can enjoy the ease with which you can personalize the craft. It is easy to add dates and names to just about any cross-stitch project...

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Wall Hanging Quilts – The Custom Forms of Quilting

Wall hanging quilts are excellent gift items. These are classy long lasting products used as decorative items for your home. A striking quilt adds a different dimension to the appearance of your room. Wall hanging quilts might be of varying designs and different shades. Impressions of life forms, floral designs, abstract patterns, and geometric shapes are woven with expert craftsmanship and brilliance. These hangings are the custom forms of quilting.

Quilts in general and wall hanging quilts in particular are highly specialized art forms that have distinctive appeals. Handmade quilts are a laborious job that could only be done by skilled craftsmen. It takes years of practice and experience to perfect the art of quilt weaving...

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Cross Stitch Professionals 3 Great Tricks

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced cross-stitch stitcher, there are always new things you can learn to give your projects that increasingly polished look. But getting that professional look takes practice and skill, so here are the professionals 3 great tricks  used to make their cross stitch designs look better than the rest.

Great looking Front and Back:
When you begin cross-stitching one frustrating aspect of the craft is a backside of your fabric that looks like someone threw down a ball of multi-colored floss. Some cross-stitchers just resign themselves to the fact that the back of their fabric will never
look as good as the front while looking at those “neatnik” experts with envy...

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