Patchwork Quilting

The history of Patchwork Quilting dates back to the era of the Pharaohs where these samples have been found on several tombs. Even the armors that they used were made of quilted fabrics. You can find some amazing 17th century quilted bedcovers. Several immigrants from Europe took this wonderful art of making quilts with scraps popularly called Patchwork Quilting to America leading to exchange of designs, ideas and fabrics. One excellent example is the Log Cabin Quilt Design which originated in Ireland where small pieces of fabrics were used to create something useful and artistic.

The Significance of Patchwork Quilting in the Early Days

Patchwork Quilting was viewed more as a means of providing comfort and warmth rather than an item of art. It was more of an innovative use of wasteful fabrics as shipping cloth from Europe was a very expensive affair. The quilting method used in patchwork is a combination of three layers. i.e. the padding, the backing and the top that has been pieced together so that it holds the padding in place. The process of Patchwork Quilting was a long drawn one but gave much warmth and durability. It was also cheap.

How Did Quilting Get Prominence?

The Amish community which migrated to America practiced the art of quilting which they had learnt from their English neighbors. The Amish people believed in simple living and avoided any kind of wastage and they still indulge in hand made quilts thus keeping their age old traditions still intact. They do not use any kind of patterned cloths for their quilts and is thus easily distinguishable. The vibrant colors and the simple designs are their forte.

How Does Patchwork Quilting Blocks Help?

By comprehensive use of Patchwork Quilting Blocks you can achieve your quilting job easily. The quilt blocks are a good way to help you plan the size of your design if you are working with unusually diverse grids. Some quilters also state that arranging the complete design is convenient with the help of the quilt blocks. You can also plan the block sizes that you want to use. You can never go wrong with the measurements of your fabric if you use patchwork quilt blocks.

Cutting of Patchwork Quilting Blocks

The method of cutting Patchwork Quilting Blocks is a complex one as you need to handle the various intricacies involved in it. But with a few helpful tips you can overcome this mammoth task with ease. The most common figures that are used in Patchwork Quilting are squares, triangles and bars. You need to take some precautionary measures also. Do not use smooth surface for placing of your fabrics. Use rotary cutters with sharp blades to get the right shape without any frayed edges.

Understanding of the Grain

To get the most desirable results understanding the grain of the fabric is extremely important in Patchwork Quilting. The threads that are woven in the fabric are called grains.

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